Match Camera Height


Direction of Lighting


Rematch Shadows

Foreground Plate

Background Plate


Control Color Spill

Use neutral colors in areas with excessive spill


Avoid Lens Flare


Shoot RAW

Above 8bit color depth for keying

Color Resolution (bit depth) vs. Physical Resolution (pixels)


Reflectors and Bounces


Clarity and Sharpen

Shadows are the “Glue” between foreground and background



chroma = color
luma = light

green = twice the number of photosites  (digital)

blue = most sensitive emulsion layer (film)

garbage matte

despill bias

screen matte


Multiple Keylight (Mattes)







Thank You

Advanced Preview

Painting your green screen

Professional Paints “POP”

Home Depot = Sparkling Apple

Painting floors 500% faster

Camera height


Direction of light

Concept is everything

CG Backgrounds

Match color balance

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